Current partners

  • Building a Next Generation Global Online Gaming Platform
  • Exploring the future of online poker
  • Translating cyber-security academic research into real-world challenges
  • Improving the way regulated businesses on-board their customer

What is Kindred Futures?

We seek interesting start-ups and entrepreneurs to form mutually-beneficial partnerships with.

We are more interested in emerging & disruptive technologies, rather than the next version of roulette.

We are committed to doing something valuable with and for our partners.

We are happy to discuss any great ideas… the more transformational the better.

What Kindred Futures is not

We are not an incubator nor accelerator.

We are not an investment fund and we don’t want equity.

We are not just an easy route to the preferred supplier list.

We are focused on long-term mutually beneficial partnerships and look for similar interests from partners.

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News, insights and blog

  • The Future of Sports Data? A Mixed Reality exploration with Zappar

    by Michael Franklin / 13 Dec 2017

    Zappar's Mixed Reality technology puts the user at the heart of the data.

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  • What if IBM Watson Gave Racing Tips? Would Ascot Become a Carpark?

    by Will Mace / 6 Dec 2017

    Artificial intelligence is the technology du jour, and while its current applications in the gambling industry are well known, it is a slightly different application that could provide a major, even existential, shock.

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