Kindred’s CDP focus has been instrumental in driving up the Group’s score over the last four years and it is currently the highest of any participating online gaming company. This year we increased our disclosure score to 94, up from 90 last year, an impressive result given the growth of the business during the year.

The impressive CDP disclosure score is a reflection of the quality and rigor in which the Group tracks its emissions. A third party is used to calculate our CO2 emissions to be compliant with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard. The table below highlights the CO2 consumed by the Group over the last two years. Kindred’s investment in efficient technology has reduced our absolute emissions by 3 per cent.

An example of how we are ‘growing green’ are the significant reductions in the intensity of our emissions. CO2 consumption per employee is down 39 per cent and based on GWR it is down 14 per cent. Per strategic site it is down 27 per cent. With our expansion comes increased travel and consumption, but also great opportunities for us to test our existing green initiatives and continue to be innovative while remaining in control of our emissions.

Overall, in 2016 we reduced our CO2 emissions with 14% based on our turnover as document by Carbon Footprint Ltd in the below certificate.