Responsible gaming

Executive Summary

  • The company must ensure that a safe, secure and supportive environment is provided to our customers
  • The company should never accept any player under the age of 18 and/or target any marketing material for people under the age of 18
  • The company should never exploit the vulnerability of any players
  • The company must employ responsible gaming in every aspect of the business
  • The company must provide responsible gaming information to our customers
  • All personnel should be provided with responsible gaming information and training


1.1 Responsible Gaming – definition

Responsible Gaming is the promotion of gambling in a safe, secure and supportive manner and thus ensuring that our customer enjoy our services in this same manner.

Not every customer may enjoy gambling in this manner and some customers might experience some anxiety whilst playing which may develop into problem gambling. Problem gambling is the term used describing when any form of gambling is causing a problem in any area of the person’s life. Features of problem gambling are characterised by interpersonal problems, financial and legal problems amongst other characteristics.

Responsible gambling also takes into account that no player under the age of 18 can play and/or register an account. Unibet also uses advance systems in detecting any underage player who might use false data to register and/or using identity theft.

1.2 The company’s approach

  • We should always provide products that elicit a safe and secure environment for our customers.
  • We should never provide business or target our business to clients under the age of 18.
  • We should always provide information and help to any customer with regards to responsible gaming.
  • In any case a customer elicits distress or an underage player is reported, the Responsible Gaming Department should always be informed. The RG Department will inform and tackle the situation in order to help the business and the customer involved whilst adhering to legislation.
  • In order to provide the most ethical responsible gaming business, the company works in liaison with external parties such as the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4), EGBA and NMi.

1.3 Underage Gambling

Unibet takes security steps in order to verify the age of every new customer. Unibet does not permit any account to be opened by people under the age of 18. Unibet utilises advanced security systems in order to detect any identity theft which may result in an underage using the account under falsified data.

When identity theft is detected and an underage has created this falsified data, documentation is requested of the underage player and of the parent/guardian. Any deposits made when through identity theft are refunded to the parent’s/guardian’s bank account once all customer verification is done. These cases are handled by the RG Department.

1.4Unibet Website Tools

Unibet provides tools to all customers in order to ensure a safe, secure and supportive environment. These tools are based on scientific research as Unibet always aims to provide our players with the best tools in order to ensure responsible gaming.

Unibet must always encourage our customers to make use of our tools, and must always provide information about these tools.

1.4.1 RG page

  • Unibet offers a dedicated RG page on every website which is owned by the Unibet Group.
  • This page offers information to the gambler where to seek help and what RG tools are offered to regulate and/or refrain from gambling.
  • The RG page should display local information to where the gambler may seek help if an issue arises.

1.4.2 Self-evaluation Test

  • Unibet offers customers a nine step questionnaire where it may guide the customer identify if problem gambling is being developed.
  • This test is designed in a manner to give a clear and direct message as to whether the player’s behaviour could be classified as ‘problem gambling’.
  • Questionnaire is anonymous and answers are not recorded.
  • Once a test is taken, the customer is directed to solutions and advice through links such as the G4 website.

1.4.3 Betting/Deposit Restrictions

  • Research show that gambling abuse is reduced when customers decide upfront how much money they have available for gambling.
  • Unibet offers the ability for the customer to choose and set their own limit.
  • Unibet also helps by reducing the limit with immediate effect whilst placing a time restriction on increasing and removing the limit.

1.4.4 Product Blocking

  • Customers may also choose to have a break from a specific area on his/her account.
  • On certain websites offered by the Unibet group, the customer may choose to have a break from a specific product group.
  • This block can be provided either by contacting customer service or through the online account.

1.4.5 Cooling Off Period/Self-Exclusion

  • The customer may also choose a designated time frame where the customer does not have access to his/her Unibet account
  • Unibet further helps by refusing to lift the self-exclusion and ceasing all promotional communication
  • Customer also receives a confirmation email with a statement showing the collaboration with G4 and the terms and conditions for self-exclusion.
  • The periods for self-exclusion on .com markets are 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. The periods for most regulated countries are the same but also include permanent self-exclusion.  The only exception is that for UK market, there are take a break (another name for cooling off periods) which are 24 hours, 1 week, 6 weeks, 1 month and 3 months. The self-exclusion periods are 6 months and 5 years.
  • For all markets except the UK market, an account is reopened automatically once the self-exclusion period is over. If the customer was seen as showing gambling behavioural problems prior to self-exclusion, the account may be suspended until a call is done with one of the RG experts. For the UK market, after self-exclusion is over, in order to reopen the account, the customer has to contact customer service, confirm that he is fine with gambling again through positive action, the customer enters a 24 hour cooling off period.  Once this time has passed, customer is free to use account again.

1.5 Third Party Complaint

When a third party complaint is received, Unibet handles this with sensitivity and through guidance with the RG Department and the Integrity Analytics Manager when needed.

Such a complaint is followed by an investigation, in order that no data protection breach is done for the customer involved. Unibet requests that the third party writes such a complaint in writing containing the details of the customer and reasons why the customer should be self-excluded and the proof of identity.

Once KYC and details cannot be provided, Unibet does not take action on the customer due to Data Protection legislation. However, Unibet still acts responsibly by providing the third party with supportive information such as details of local institutions, blocking software such as betfilter and guidelines for people affected with gambling problems if necessary.

1.6 Staff and Responsible Gaming

In order to promote responsible gaming to our customers, each Unibet employee is to undertake Responsible Gaming training.

This is done in a three step procedure:

1.6.1 E-learning program for all employees

  • An e-learning module is provided to all Unibet employees where general awareness about
  • Responsible Gaming is provided
  • Basic psychological information about different types of gambling and problem gambling is given
  • This is followed by a short assessment 

1.6.2 Follow up training

  • Certain departments and customer facing employees undergo a more specialised training regarding the Responsible Gaming procedures
  • This training involves information on communicating with customers, including customers who might be experiencing anxiety towards gambling
  • The policy and specific Responsible Gaming procedures are taught

1.6.3 In-depth training

  • This training is directed to team managers, account managers and RG experts
  • This training involves in-depth information on how a problem gambler should be tackled
  • Skills such as motivational interviewing, empathy and communication with problem gamblers are taught

1.6.4 RG experts training

  • Within the customer service department, some customer service agents are titled as RG experts after showing interest in Responsible Gambling initiatives
  • These RG experts not only receive the training levels mentioned above, but also refresher training on a monthly basis
  • These training sessions take into account psychology of gambling, pathological gambling and motivational interviewing amongst other topics

1.7 Suicide Policy

As an online provider of gambling services we will occasionally encounter vulnerable people in crisis, perhaps who are experiencing problems as a result of their gambling. Due to the nature of our customer group this can sometimes mean that the subject of self-harm/suicide is raised during telephone calls, chat sessions or emails to our Customer Service Centre.

Under these circumstances the action that we can take is very limited as we work with customers from all around the world and have no way of validating their self-harm or suicidal suggestions and, even if we were able to do so, we will not necessarily have the details of the particular law enforcement agency or emergency services relevant to that individual.

Unibet Group is committed to protecting their staff team from distress or worry that may arise when customers contact us in this way and have therefore produced a specific policy to outline the approach to handling such situations.

1.8 Cooperation with Third Parties

In order to ensure the best safe, secure and supportive environment for our customers, Unibet is accredited by the best possible third party organisations in order to comply with the social responsibility policy.

Unibet supports empirical and scientific researches by giving financial aid and support as a company.

Unibet employs the scientifically proven research in order to ensure better and ground breaking ways in order to provide the best service for our customers.