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words by Anna Jein / 20 Mar 2017

On March 8, the International Women’s Day, Kindred was the proud sponsor of the Women in Tech Conference in Stockholm. The mission of Women in Tech is to inspire talented women to consider a future in the field of technology and women already in the industry to stay in the industry.

At Kindred we share this mission and we attended the conference to show talented women what a career in Kindred Tech looks like. Our team hosted a stand where they engaged in conversations about our culture, our platform, how it is to work in the tech industry and much more. Throughout the day, the queues were long and the team had many engaging conversations about the achievements of Kindred and about what it is like to work for one of the world’s largest online gambling operators. The team brought Virtual Reality headsets and visitors had the opportunity to experience our five values in short VR movies to get a true taste of the Kindred culture!

The Kindred Tech team continuously challenge the status quo and over the last years has transformed their way of working and mind-set and this transformation shows in the amazing deliveries from the Kindred Tech team in 2016!

Last year, the tech platform handled a record level of financial transactions, with more than 16 million financial transactions on an average day – and peaks reaching over 22 million financial transactions in a single day! In 2016, Kindred Group handled 6 billion financial transactions in total – the same amount as the worldwide digital payment platform PayPal!

To handle this level of financial transactions, the team has more than 150 microservices in production and a fully automated pipeline. This allows for continuous delivery to production with no customer impact, and with zero planned downtime. On top of this, the team last year made more than 2,000 release. For 2017, they are estimating to reach more than 3,000 releases!

The move from a monolithic to a microservices architecture started in 2010, when the team was working with big components. The team was doing 200 releases per year, and each release was a big strain on the organisation. As the Kindred organisation grew, the team realised they needed to improve their way of working.

It is in the Kindred culture to challenge status quo and to push the boundaries so when a team member mentioned the future need of pushing 3,000 releases per year with no downtime – the team response was “Of course!”

Never hesitating, the team started thinking of innovative ways to reach this target. One such innovative solution was a 4-step approach on how to migrate from one database to another, without taking down the site and with no customer impact at all!

Veronica Wall, Head of Tech Central Services, explains:

At Kindred we dare to challenge and we seek to innovate. We always look for ways to improve to reach whatever target we are given. We have amazing people within Kindred Tech and with all of us working together we can deliver anything!”

Today, the team is working with a continuous delivery approach that would make most large tech companies envious, with more than 150 micro services in production and zero planned downtime!

Photo credit: Sara Burman

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