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I/We hereby certify that I/We are the registered owner of the above specified number of SDRs representing shares in Kindred Group plc, (the "Company"). I/ We hereby notify the Company and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) ("SEB") of my/our intention to vote for the number of shares represented by SDRs at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of the Company on 12 May 2021.

I/We understand and accept that I/We will be entitled to vote for the number of shares represented by the same number of SDRs as I/We are the registered owner of in the Euroclear register as of 30 April 2021. I/We are aware of the fact that if I/We are registered in the name of a nominee (which may be a bank or a broker), I/We must have our SDRs registered in my/our own name(s) in the Euroclear register ten (10) calendar days before the shareholders' meeting in order to be entitled to vote at the shareholders' meeting. I/We must therefore contact my/our nominee and request a temporary owner registration (so-called voting-right registration) in good time before 30 April 2021 if I/We wish to vote at the shareholders meeting.

I/We are aware of the fact that if I/We want to be represented at the shareholders meeting by proxy (an authorised attorney). I/We have to send a power of attorney, (together with a certified copy of our registration documents if legal entity), To Kindred Group plc, c/o Kindred People, Regeringsgatan 25,
111 53, Stockholm, Sweden, no later than 17.00 CEST on Thursday 7 May 2021.


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