Our Projects

Registration optimisation

Partnering with Checkin.com to improve customer registration. Using Checkin’s unique technology to adjust the flow of the registration journey in real-time, increasing registration completion.

Machine Learning in Responsible Gambling

Promoting the development and rollout of a new responsible gambling app that uses AI and machine learning technology, giving gamblers the ability to monitor and control their behaviour across all gambling apps.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Partnering with United Robots' Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology to automate both internal and customer-facing communications, creating natural-sounding text for emails or articles that cannot be distinguished from that written by a human hand.


Kindred's new Watch&Bet experience! Kindred Futures partnered with Sixty to develop and test the initial prototype for this new live stream product feature.

Augmented Reality

Partnering with 3RockAR to prove the commercial value of ‘browser-based AR’ experiences, proving this tech can drive customer engagement through to registration.