Augmented Reality

Partnering with 3RockAR to prove the commercial value of ‘browser-based Augmented Reality (AR)’ experiences, proving this tech can drive customer engagement through to registration.

The technology

AR or Augmented Reality is the interactive experience within a real-world environment, where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated visuals or information. Kindred Futures has explored this technology in the past, looking at how Virtual Reality (VR) and AR might change the betting landscape in the next 5+ years. For this project, we wanted to see how today's tech in AR could be used to create measurable commercial value, using an out the pocket, single click AR experience to drive significant customer engagement.

The challenge

To prove that AR and Mixed Reality experiences are not just a techy gimmick, but can drive meaningful customer engagement and create a measurable ROI. Partnering with Vlad Casino, one of our growing casino brands, we wanted to create an interactive AR experience activated straight from a link with no app download or other barriers to entry.

The partner

3Rock AR specialises in the development of seamless AR experiences and worked with us to develop a game for Vlad customers themed around the excitement of the 2021 Euros Championship.

The outcome

Below you can see the full Vlad penalty shootout experience:


Scan the QR code and try the game yourself!.