Registration Optimisation

The technology

Registering new customers is one of the most important parts of any online customer-facing business. For gambling operators, this is even more crucial as the information required means that long and complicated registration flows can be a barrier to entry. With new advances in the use of AI and machine learning to optimise and streamline this process for each individual customer, Kindred Futures set out to look for a partner that could bring this to Kindreds operations.

The project

In 2020 Kindred Futures explored how the latest technologies could be used to improve how each of our customers is greeted when first logging into one of our brands. How could the registration process be optimised to increase the number of customers following through with the full registration process and onto a first deposit?

In this exploration, Kindred Futures identified a start-up specialising in the application of software that could simplify and streamline companies’ registration process. This technology edits the flow and presentation of the specific requirements for each individual customer to maximise the chance of that customer successfully completing all required fields.

The partner

Checkin.com (formally Regily)

Checkin’s software combines multiple UX systems, data sources, and identity solutions to instantly configure the best possible experience for each end-user at the point of check-in.


The outcome

Following Kindred Futures trial of the company’s technology, Checkin’s registration flow management system is now being implemented across multiple areas of the business.