Being Kindred

Our people are our strongest assets and we rely on attracting and keeping key talent to deliver our strategy. A key element of this is to offer a best in class employee experience.

Diversity & Equality

Equal opportunities lie at the heart of the entire employee journey, including recruitment, training and benefits regardless of gender, disability, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or age. We currently employ people of more than 50 nationalities and we are proud of our diversity. Our employee group consist of 35% women and 65% men. In our Executive Management team, we have 36% women and 64% men.

Although we have seen progress over the years, it remains a key focus for us to improve on gender equality. In our yearly Great Place to Work survey, we achieved a score of 92% on diversity, indicating that our employees feel that they are treated fairly regardless of their age, race, sexual orientation or gender. We have a Global Equal Opportunities Policy which applies to all Kindred employees and is implemented by our HR team.

We are proud to be Founding Member of All-In Diversity, an industry-driven initiative to benchmark diversity, equality and inclusion for the global betting and gaming sector.

In April 2019, we published our second gender pay gap report for the UK.

Read more in our Gender Gap Pay Report.

The right set of skills

Kindred’s success is built by its talented people. The expertise and experience of our employees is what sets us apart from our competitors. On top of individual training and development, all our employees go through regular mandatory training in Information Security, Anti-Money Laundering, Responsible Gambling, GDPR and Anti-Bribery & Corruption.

In addition to the investment we make in external specialist training, we have invested in our Talent Development offering. We adopt neuroscience to build intelligent programmes that support lifelong learning to enable Kindred talent to grow and keep up with the fast pace of our changing world. We have already launched our learning programme Kindred Manager DNA and will also launch Kindred DNA this year.

These programmes are built around competencies created by all of our people that bring our values to life. We have adopted a new Continuous Performance Management approach which will enable us to work in real time to recognise the great contribution our people make, create opportunities for our top talent and act quickly to offer training and support where it is needed.

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