Our goals and ambitions

At Kindred we believe a successful business is about future-proofing our operations to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable in the long term. For us, this means making continual improvements and taking responsibility for our operations – and constantly strive for change for the better. This is why we set clear ambitions and bold commitments.


Our sustainability work focuses on

  • Making gambling 100% enjoyable
  • Always behaving with integrity and fairness in everything we do to gain trust by our customers, the regulators and society as a whole
  • Ensuring that our operations always continue to meet the highest professional, compliance and ethical standards
  • Becoming one of the world’s highest-ranked companies within employee engagement
  • Equipping the communities in which we operate with the knowledge and resources to build a better future

"We want to use our size and impact to lead the industry towards a more responsible and sustainable gambling industry while being a fair and equal employer and contributing to our communities with knowledge and resources."
- Anna Jein, Sustainability Manager

We have aligned our sustainability framework and material topics with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their underlying targets. We have identified three priority SDGs, the ones we contribute the most to, and four supporting SDGs and mapped these to our priority areas.

We have set three long-term ambitions towards 2023 and several ambitious commitments for driving a sustainable gambling industry.

Responsible Gambling

Making gambling 100 per cent enjoyable

By 2023, we want to derive 0% gross winnings revenue from harmful gambling

In 2021, we will:

  • Ensure a minimum of 5% of each marketing budget is committed to safer gambling initiatives.
  • Make improvements to the current responsible gambling tool box to assist sustainable gambling.
  • Academically place our player monitoring system, PS-EDS, through peer review and collaboration with external researchers.
  • Openly report on the percentage of revenue derived from harmful gambling to show progress towards our 0% ambition.


Maintaining Integrity

We always strive to behave with integrity and fairness in everything we do to gain the trust of our customers, the regulators and society as a whole.

In 2021, we will:

  • Empower our customers on the security of their account by offering cross-market, Strong Authentication capabilities, starting with Unibet.com.
  • Continue strengthening our foundations including internal and external training, as well as further collaboration with regulatory and sports governing bodies.
  • Continue to develop and further improve our internal Defensive Capabilities to be an accredited member of a recognised CSIRT community.
  • Implement significant verification deliveries, towards a Zero Trust concept where no system, service or user operating from within the traditional perimeter is automatically trusted.
  • Continue to educate employees, organisations and sports clubs on sports integrity processes and procedures, using our commercial and corporate partnerships.

Running a compliant business

We strive to ensure that our operations always continue to meet the highest professional, compliance and ethical standards.

In 2021, we will:

  • Expand employee awareness and knowledge of gambling regulations and internal policies, so that we empower our employees in all compliance matters related to their roles, whilst ensuring everyone becomes an active participant in the identification and mitigation of compliance risks.
  • Encourage a practice of inter-departmental transparency and support employees in investing additional time and resources dedicated to ‘following-up’ on compliance incidents by growing internal collaboration within Kindred’s Compliance Incident Process.
  • Reinforce the Compliance and Governance model by adopting a set of techniques and methodologies to measure quality in all present and future processes, to act as a foundation for a value‑adding Quality Management System.

Being Kindred

We strive to become one of the world’s highest-ranked companies for employee engagement

By 2023, we want to achieve a 50/50 gender split in our senior management team

In 2021, we will:

  • Expand the Group Sustainability element of the employee bonus structure to include additional metrics which improve alignment with the sustainability framework.
  • Evolve our employer brand strategy and align to the Group purpose, to ensure we continue to attract key talent to support the group strategy.
  • As part of our long-term ambition, we will work to increase the gender balance of senior leadership to 30:70.
  • Ensure that we embed inclusive leadership principles across the management group.
  • Capture inclusion and equity data for all minority groups and work with internal employee networks to build a 2023 roadmap from this data.

Contributing to our communities

We strive to equip the communities in which we operate with the knowledge and resources to build a better future

By 2023, we are committed to procure 100 % of our electricity from renewable sources of energy

In 2021, we will:

  • Increase the number of employees who use their sustainability days by 50% with 2019 as base by 2023
  • Ensure partnership with EFDN or engagement in other community project is integrated in our sponsorship agreements to increase community involvement in our markets by 2021
  • Have renewable energy powering our offices in the locations we can by 2023
  • Have certificates for renewable energy to cover the whole Kindred Group energy consumption including data centres by 2023.



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