Our goals and ambitions

At Kindred we believe a successful business is about future-proofing our operations to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable in the long term. For us, this means making continual improvements and taking responsibility for our operations – and constantly strive for change for the better. This is why we set clear ambitions and bold commitments.


Our sustainability work focuses on

  • Making gambling 100% enjoyable
  • Always behaving with integrity and fairness in everything we do to gain trust by our customers, the regulators and society as a whole
  • Ensuring that our operations always continue to meet the highest professional, compliance and ethical standards
  • Becoming one of the world’s highest-ranked companies within employee engagement
  • Equipping the communities in which we operate with the knowledge and resources to build a better future

"We want to use our size and impact to lead the industry towards a more responsible and sustainable gambling industry while being a fair and equal employer and contributing to our communities with knowledge and resources."
- Anna Jein, Sustainability Manager

We have aligned our sustainability framework and material topics with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their underlying targets. We have identified three priority SDGs, the ones we contribute the most to, and four supporting SDGs and mapped these to our priority areas.

We have set three long-term ambitions towards 2023 and several ambitious commitments for driving a sustainable gambling industry.

Responsible Gambling

By 2023, we want to derive 0% gross winnings revenue from harmful gambling

In 2020, we will:

  • Continue to support the responsible gambling research field by developing at least two new research papers
  • Enhance the detection capabilities of our Player Safety – Early Detection System by increasing the number of relevant research findings
  • Take leadership on industry wide collaboration and knowledge sharing by hosting the fifth annual Sustainable Gambling Conference
  • Continue to educate our customers in responsible gambling through communication campaigns on sustainable consumption


Maintaining Integrity

In 2020, we will:

  • Develop and implement a collaborative anti-match fixing programme targeted at the European Football for Development Network member clubs
  • Continue to develop and further improve our internal defensive capabilities to be an accredited member of a recognized CSIRT community by 2021
  • Implement significant verification deliveries, towards a zero-trust concept where no system, service or user operating from within the traditional perimeter is automatically trusted
  • Enhance our data governance framework to further improve our data management processes

Running a compliant business

In 2020, we will:

  • Continue to develop and further implement the Kindred Compliance Framework according to the ISO 19600 standard for compliance governance and management
  • Deliver an updated Incident Management Process with an end-to-end process to capture compliance incidents to ensure good governance and proper rectification of control weaknesses
  • Increase internal engagement and understanding of compliance in a regulated industry through establishment of proper governance structures throughout the organisation

Being Kindred

By 2023, we want to achieve a 50/50 gender split in our senior management team

In 2020, we will:

  • Create a wider pool of ready female talent at management and leadership level, by incorporating transparent, consistent and objective selection process into Kindred’s leadership development programme
  • Deliver an internal diversity campaign to increase internal engagement and understanding of diversity

Contributing to our communities

By 2023, we are committed to procure 100 % of our electricity from renewable sources of energy

In 2020, we will:

  • Implement an action plan to increase our proportion of renewable energy
  • Increase the number of employees who contribute to their local community with their sustainability days by 50%
  • Ensure our partnership with the European Football for Development Network is integrated in existing sports sponsorships to increase the sharing of knowledge and experience between partners
  • Continue to engage with our local communities through social activation of our sport sponsorships