Running a compliant business

As a global Group operating in regulated markets, we need licences and appropriate authorisations to operate. Compliance is a prerequisite for our business, and we are subject to strict rules and provisions in the countries where we hold licences. All employees in Kindred take responsibility for compliance topics and we have an extensive compliance training programme. 

2019 highlights
gross winnings revenue from locally regulated markets
35 million
transactions on average per day
external audits with all open points closed
local jurisdictions monitored by local gambling authorities
employees work directly with compliance
suspected cases of money laundering reporting to authorities

Ensuring sustainable regulation

We understand that gambling needs to be regulated in a stable manner to ensure protection that considers both the needs of the individual customer and wider social impacts, resulting in the channeling of digital customer demand to the regulated framework. A high level of channeling of customers to licensed operators is beneficial to the customers who are better protected, and to the broader society as operators are able to support local communities through taxes, sponsorship of grassroots sports and other local initiatives. Kindred has worked for many years in co-operation with legislators, regulators, industry bodies and other stakeholder groups to ensure that gambling regulation achieves a relevant sustainable environment. We are active members of all gambling trade associations in our markets and strive through collaboration with peers to further streamline the communication on policies from the industry.


Tackling money laundering

We take crime prevention very seriously. Our systems and controls are designed to keep money launderers and other criminals away from our platform across multiple jurisdictions. We require all employees to participate in regular anti-money laundering (AML) training, and we provide further training targeted to those groups who are tasked with detecting and preventing money laundering. As a digital business, all transactions are conducted online. We have several systems monitoring each single transaction to determine risk and requires high-risk customers to provide their source of funds. We take action on all higher-risk activities we identify. 

Collaboration between operators, authorities, regulators and other partners is crucial if we are to improve techniques and tools to fight fraudulent behaviour across digital platforms.

Sustainability goals

Long-term ambition by 2023: ensure that our operations always continue to meet the highest professional, compliance and ethical standards

Next steps for 2020

  • Continue to develop and further implement the Kindred Compliance Framework according to the ISO 19600 standard for compliance governance and management.
  • Deliver updated Incident Management Process with an end-to-end process to capture compliance incidents to ensure good governance and proper rectification of control weaknesses.
  • Increase internal engagement and understanding of compliance in a regulated industry through establishment of proper governance structures throughout the organisation.

Read more about our approach to running a compliant business in our annual Sustainability Report.


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