Natural Language Generation (NLG)

The technology

In simple terms: computers creating emails or articles indistinguishable from a human writer.

NLG, a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI), is a software process that automatically transforms data into plain-English content. NLG is one of the fastest-growing technologies being adopted by companies with use-cases most commonly focused on the automation of time-intensive copywriting and reporting activities.

The Challenge

Kindreds Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team constantly aim to deliver hyper-targeted communications with content tailored to the teams and games most relevant to each individual customer. This type of personalised communication, delivering insight-led communications to individual customers across multiple sports and individual matches is a huge logistical challenge.  

Creating this much content causes significant resourcing issues, as it adds hundreds of hours of additional work for CRM and copywriter teams. 

The partner


To tackle this challenge, we partnered with Swedish newsroom automation start-up United Robots, using data feeds and natural language generation technology to auto-generate these personalised communications. This system had the capacity to create and deliver unique, personalised, insight-led communications at a significant scale, without any human input.

The outcome

This initial trial of the technology has proved a great success and Kindred Futures is now working across multiple areas of the business to see how it can further improve our customer experience and operational efficiency.

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