A sustainable business

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Our integrated approach to sustainability

Driving sustainable, long-term growth is central to Kindred’s overall business purpose “to transform gambling to ensure fair play, the best deal and a great experience for our players” and we always strive to ensure fair play through making sure our customers enjoy gambling in a responsible and safe manner. For us, sustainable business means ensuring our customers can sustain their consumption of our products.

A new holistic approach

In 2017, we launched a new holistic approach to our sustainability efforts to make sure we concentrate our sustainability efforts on the areas where we can truly make a difference. The foundation of our sustainability strategy is based on the outcome from a materiality assessment conducted in early 2017, highlighting a number of business-critical topics.

Our business model

Our business model is based on expanding our business by taking market share from the competition and thereby growing our number of active customers. We do this by being data driven and by knowing what drives the customer experience and what improves our business. we want to retain our customers over a long period of time and build sustainable relationships with them. This means that our average revenue per user is relatively flat over time, while we continue to grow the number of active customers. We believe that this is sustainable and responsible growth.  

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