Contributing to our communities

We strive to be a good corporate citizen by actively taking part in the communities where we are present. As an online company, we have limited effect on the environment, however we want to do our part in combating climate change.

We also have a broad range of initiatives to support our employee-led engagements by matched funding, paid leave for charity projects and local office initiatives.

Our role in the environment

As a truly digital company, our environmental impact is minimal and limited to energy usage and business travel. To be compliant with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, we use a third party to calculate the Group’s CO2 emissions. An important part of our work to reduce our environmental impact is through our Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) score which measures the Group’s ability to monitor and quantify its carbon emissions. 

In 2018, we offset all our reported Co2 emissions, totalling to 6,557 tonnes of carbon dioxide. See the certificate and read more about the project we support here.  



Energy usage, travel and emissions 2017/18 2016/17 2015/16 2014/15
CO2 emissions (tonnes CO2e)        
Scope 1 – Operation of site facilities 38 51 5 65
Scope 2 – Grid electricity purchased 2,428 2,481 2,577 2,517
Scope 3 – Business travel 4,092 4,688 3,140 1,766
Total emissions 6,557 7,220 5,678 4,348
Tonnes CO2 emissions per employee


5.38 4.59 5.15
Tonnes CO2 emissions per GBPm in turnover 7.24 9.57 10.36 12.28


Sustainable supplier relationships

We collaborate with a broad range of suppliers, mainly within the fields of Marketing, IT, Products, Consultants, and Systems and we work to build mutually beneficial relationships and develop long-term strategic partnerships with our key suppliers. We have an internal procurement team who work with a Global Procurement Policy guiding all employees through the procurement process. We also work with a Supplier Code of Conduct, which you can see attached on the right. Respect for human rights is a fundamental part of Code of Conduct and how we do business.


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