We promote fair play and responsible gambling

Kindred exists to offer players entertainment on a platform that is safe and secure. Our success is built on long-term sustainable relationships with our players. We understand and know our customers.

The vast majority of them enjoy gambling as a safe and responsible form of entertainment. We recognise that while more than 98 percent of customers use gambling as a recreational activity, for some, gambling can stop being entertaining and cause personal, financial and/or social and psychological health problems. We are committed to do all that we reasonably can to promote responsible gambling and to help and support those who develop gambling problems. 

We help our customers stay in control

As a digital company, we create a digital fingerprint of our customers’ behaviour on our platform. This allows us to detect, monitor and follow-up on problematic gambling activities, which is a big part of building a safe gambling environment for our customers. We believe that looking at each customer individually rather than part as a group is the most efficient way to prevent problematic gambling at an early stage.

Our customers all have different behaviours, incomes, social backgrounds, and ages. To ensure consistency and efficiency we deploy tools at a customer account level and not at a product or transaction level. We believe that monitoring our customers over time is what makes the difference in ensuring customers stay in control of their gambling.

Kindred’s award-winning Player Safety - Early Detection System (PS-EDS) is at the heart of our responsible gambling approach. This system combines risk indicators based on empirical studies with a humanistic personalised approach.

Player Safety - Early Detection System (PS-EDS)

Our tools

We work with a number of responsible gambling tools that are designed to help our customers stay in control. Below you can see a full overview of the tools. We monitor the use of our control tools closely and continually evaluate their impact and make improvements. We promote our tools through a dedicated Responsible Gambling page on all our brand sites and where relevant, through direct communication to our customers.

Our tools
Deposit Limits
Allows our customers to stay in control of their spend
Reality checks
Allows our customers to stay in control of their time with alerts at 30m, 60m or 90m intervals
Loss Limit
Helps our customers control their gambling by setting a loss limit on any product
Self-Exclusion < 6 months
Lets our customers take a break from specific products by restricting access for a set time period
Self-Exclusion > 6 months
Helps our customers stay in control by blocking access to their account for a set time period or indefinitely
Block betting website
Offers software that blocks access to all gambling sites

Measuring effectiveness

To measure the effectiveness of our approach and detection system we look at a number of KPIs and at usage of control tools, both in the total customer group and in the group of customers who are detected in our PS-EDS. We also closely monitor the number of customers who self-exclude. Generally, we have observed that 70% of customers deposit less after having been detected in PS-EDS.

Monthly % usage of Self-Exclusions (6+ months) compared to non-mandatory control tools

Within all market active customers

*active customers on Kindred platform


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