Word from our CEO

After twenty years as the Unibet Group we are now moving into a new and exciting phase for our company and our brands. As we transform into the Kindred Group we see great opportunities for our customers, our employees and our owners.

We have operated with a multi-brand strategy since the acquisition of Maria Casino in 2007, a strategy which we have now fully adopted with the Kindred Group brand. This will not only shape a clearer footprint with a mix of global and hyperlocal brands, but will also allow our employees to work across brands ensuring alignment and scalability along the entire brand portfolio.

Local regulation creating greater stability

Preparing our business and organisation for future developments in the industry is crucial and a key reason for the improvements we are undertaking, with the Kindred strategy being a major part. Markets in Europe have gradually started to re-regulate with increasing focus on regulatory compliance, scalability and of course customer experience. We can also see how the shift from offline to online is picking up speed with the incumbent operators moving into the digital world as a reaction to customer behaviour.

However, as markets re-regulate, local regulators have their own solutions to how their market should be set up. This leads to increased fragmentation across our markets, putting greater pressure and bureaucracy on our organisation, when instead, we need more harmonisation in order to serve both customers, regulators and other stakeholders in the best possible way. The digital world knows no boundaries or borders. All efforts by local governments to protect old interests are futile in today’s digital world and will only lead to suboptimal channelisation with lower protection for players, less tax income for local governments, less contribution to sports and less transparency.

Increased relevance through local approach

By improving the distinction between our group brand and customer facing brands we can be more relevant to our customers. Creating a mix of brands designed for each local market by offering our global sportsbook brand Unibet next to local casino brands such as Maria Casino or the Huone brands is one part. The other is to continue to lead the development of the market under our group brand and raise awareness in important areas such as player safety, trust related activities and community engagement, which links to all of our brands.

Earning our customers’ and regulators’ trust is a key factor in ensuing a sustainable business over time. If our customers don’t trust us or our products we will have a hard time retaining them. Likewise, we need to earn the trust of regulating bodies in every market where we are active. We focus a great deal of attention on these areas and have done so for all of our twenty years in business. The operator who takes care of the customer in the best way, offers the best gambling experience and works closely with local regulators will have the best odds to be the number one operator across all markets. A position we intend to take.

Being Kindred spirits is a tool for success

We will achieve this thanks to the fantastic contribution from our employees and the unique culture we have built since our foundation, which allows us to function as a family. Our impressive technical expertise and state-of-the-art proprietary platform combined with our trusted and sustainable business model will give us the freedom to become truly scalable.

Our industry has grown quickly and will continue to do so for many years to come. However, the need to fully comprehend the customer and make sure they are offered an enjoyable, fair and safe gambling experience will become increasingly important. Partly because regulators will demand it, but also because customers expect it. In a few years we will also experience how the online gambling sector will surpass the offline sector in size, and how the need to use data to achieve this will be a key differentiator.

We will continue to lead the online gambling industry into the future, working closely with all relevant stakeholders. We will improve, evolve and challenge ourselves as a family of brands – as Kindred spirits.


Henrik Tjärnström
CEO, Kindred Group