Purpose & Values

Our purpose

"To transform gambling by being a trusted source of entertainment that contributes positively to society."

We recognise that gambling has to transform into a more trusted source of entertainment and positive contributor to society.

We lead by example, giving players a superior experience while feeling safe and secure. It empowers them with confidence to totally enjoy the thrills, excitement and togetherness that represent gambling at its best. Combining this with better governance to keep our players safe sets us apart.

We’re committed to a collective approach ensuring positive influence reaches further. Investing in behavioural research, predictive AI technologies, a thriving sports ecosystem and local community initiatives means we can bring value to society, contributing to improved health, wellbeing and positive long-term outcomes.

Gambling is a safer, more responsible and enjoyable place for our players because of the stand we take. We know that doing the right thing and earning trust sustains our business, supports the sector and widens our impact by contributing positively to society.

Our values

We Have Passion To WIN

  • Take pride in what you do, and celebrate team success
  • Understand our goals and your contribution to them
  • Always ask, “Is this a great customer experience?”
  • Commit to the regulations we work within, to sustain trust in Kindred
  • Never let the competition out of sight

We STRIVE For Better

  • Embrace change and see it as an opportunity
  • Challenge the status quo and seek continuous progress
  • Debate ideas openly, and action decisions with pace
  • Act now and improve along the way
  • Push yourself and seek feedback to grow

We CHAMPION Accountability

  • Act in Kindred’s best interest. Always.
  • Own delivering results, and trust and support others to do so
  • Share progress and ask for help if you need it
  • Involve relevant teams and respect their expertise
  • Engage in difficult situations with courage, candour and care

We Are TOGETHER As Kindred

  • Show interest in all of Kindred and actively break down silos
  • Be a team player and adopt a ”how can I contribute?” attitude
  • Encourage and value different thoughts and opinions
  • Inspire by sharing your expertise and experience
  • Always act as a Kindred ambassador