Our journey towards zero

At its best, gambling offers thrill and excitement. This is what we strive for all our players to enjoy. However, for a small percentage of people, gambling becomes harmful, affecting not only the lives of the players but also their family and friends. As one of the larger operators in the world, the prevention of harmful gambling is one of our top priorities, being addressed through different measures throughout the organisation.  

Our work is guided by our journey towards zero ambition, stating that over time, zero percent of the revenue from our platform should be generated from harmful gambling. Part of this is being a trusted contributor to a fact-based dialogue. 

We track the progress of this ambition on a quarterly basis and openly disclose the share of revenue derived from high-risk players (see definition under “Customer risk groups”). In addition, we report on the share of customers that change their behaviour in a positive direction after intervention has been implemented as a result of being detected by our responsible gambling prevention system. These are two central KPIs on our journey towards zero. 

Share of revenue from customer risk level and share of detected customers changing behaviour after intervention

* The numbers prior to Q1 2023 do not include North America and France, but from Q1 2023 and onwards, the numbers reported include France.


The ambition to have zero revenue from harmful gambling is one of our most important ambitions to date and requires dedication, collaboration and focus within Kindred, but also across the industry and from regulators.

Early detection

Early detection is all about reaching out to players before a harmful behavior is established. We want all our customers to enjoy the thrills and excitement of gambling, and we work proactively to keep them in that continuum.

Player Safety – Early Detection System (PS-EDS)

PS-EDS Since 2012, our Player Safety – Early Detection System (PS-EDS) provides data that alerts our Responsible Gambling team if a customer shows signs of harmful behaviour. The system is a product of years of Kindred working in tandem with leading researchers to develop an approach that can accurately identify harmful gambling behaviour. Having explored various scientific methods over the years, we are now confident that we have an effective tool to detect markers of harm in place.