Proactive intervention

Early detection and interaction are key to prevent any problematic behaviour. Specifically, by focusing on early detection, we can take appropriate proactive action to nip harmful tendencies in the bud. Our highly skilled Responsible Gambling team of full-time analysts working under the guidance of our Head of Responsible Gambling and Research work on follow-up interventions to the PS-EDS detection. 

Acting on early detection to ensure proactive intervention  

For each high-risk customer detected, they build a profile, collate all relevant online-gambling behaviour information, and any data that can help them improve their assessment of the risk. Once they have accounted for all aspects of the case, they decide on the best harm-reduction measures, keeping in mind that each player is different. The human interaction remains a vital contribution and that is why we work in close collaboration with treatment centres and lived experience. This pertains to our future development as we further automate our processes, and as machine learning evolves in the PS-EDS, to ensure the player experience becomes more digitised and seamless. 

  1. Social gambler

    Monitored by our player detection system to ensure continued sustainable behavior.

  2. Low risk

    Customers detected by our system.

    Education on responsible gambling to encourage and propel sustainable habits.

    15% of our customers use non-mandatory control tools.

  3. Medium risk

    Kindred team engages with customer using messages, email, or calls to proactively support the use of control tools or take a longer break from Kindred’s products or services.

    82.1% improvement effect due to intervention.

  4. High risk

    Actions to minimise potential harm, alternatively, block customer and flag to national exclusion scheme, and provide with info to access support services, for instance treatment centers.

The quarterly data reporting on the share of detected customers changing behaviour after intervention illustrates the improvement effect due to interaction. As we improve our interaction solutions, the share of successful interventions will increase while the share of revenue from harmful gambling will decrease. 


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