We aim to transform gambling by working to offer our customer a great and safe experience. Building trust and having a positive contribution are crucial to our industry. Our purpose is to transform gambling by being a trusted source of entertainment that contributes positively to society. The way we are is rooted in our operating values and based on our heritage of offering player a better and safer way to gamble. 

Our sustainability strategy

In 2022, we renewed our sustainability framework. The three pillars and foundation are now describing a set of risks and opportunities that, managed well, support us in achieving commercial success in our markets. Our foundation of governance supports our focus on responsible gambling, product integrity, and a secure platform. Through this approach we can navigate a landscape with increasing pressures from customers, regulator and stakeholders


Our priorities

The three pillars and foundation describe a set of risks and opportunities that, managed well, support us in achieving commercial success in our markets. We want gambling at its best: 100 per cent enjoyable, keeping customers safe at all times and with fun, fair and transparent products.  

We have a clear ambition on responsible gambling: to earn no revenue from harmful gambling by the end of 2023. Within the strategy, we aim to have integrity enforcement covering all areas susceptible to deviations and risks, focusing on material compliance, and education is vital to our efforts to deepen trust. Our additional sustainability ambitions relate to a safe and secure platform for players through mitigation and security for player accounts.  

We guide our work through a responsible business foundation, with performance with our people at the centre, and aiming to reduce our climate impact. The combined effect provides long-term commercial resilience, reduced volatility, and the ability to attract and retain the best people. 

Responsible gambling

Kindred want all players to experience the sense of friendship and excitement that represent gambling at its best, without experiencing harm.
Player Safety Early Detection System

A secure platform

By protecting our operating platform and safeguarding customer data, we provide a safe and secure commercial offering to all our markets.

Product integrity

At Kindred we have a strong commitment to water-tight sportsbook integrity, zero match-fixing and responsible marketing that helps to maximise trust in sport.


Kindred’s long-term success is driven by our people. Attracting and retaining the best people is essential to our business.


We want to ensure we achieve excellence in regulatory compliance and customer service.

Community and environment

Our long-term ambition is to equip our communities with the knowledge and resources to build a better future. We are also working towards securing 100 per cent of our purchased energy from renewable resources, where feasible, by the end of 2023.