The Kindred Group’s Board of Directors’ dividend policy is to pay a dividend and/or share buy-backs of up to 50 per cent of the Group’s free cash flow (defined as cash flow from operations, adjusted for movements in working capital, capital investments and tax payments).

In addition to the dividend described above, which would normally be in the form of annual cash dividends, the Board can also decide to distribute one-off dividends or execute share buy-backs, where management and the Board consider that the Group has generated surplus cash that it does not require either to fund its normal operations, acquisitions or other corporate development projects.

When considering both regular and one-off distributions, the Board will take into account the overall cash requirement to ensure that an appropriate capital cash structure is maintained.

Update on dividend for 2019

Kindred has a good financial position with strong liquidity and low leverage. However, due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and to ensure that Kindred is well capitalized for future investment opportunities, the Board on 2 April 2020 decided to withdraw the recommendation to the AGM held on 12 May 2020 to declare a dividend for 2019 and recommended that no dividend is paid.


Dividend per share, SEK

2018 6.16
2017 6.48
2016 3.52
2015 2.870
2014 2.679
2013 1.463
2012 0.889
2011 0.761
2010 0.560
2009 0.960

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