We work with a diverse range of stakeholders to deliver progress on our sustainability strategy, and we continue to seek partnerships and collaborate with experts. As an international operator, we have sports sponsorship in several markets, which offer us a unique platform for contributing to our communities through local engagements and for communicating our Responsible Gambling message to a wider audience. We also have a number of global partnerships in areas where we can make a difference. 

Changing lives through football

We are proud to be Community Partner to the European Football for Development Network (EFDN). EFDN consists of professional football clubs, leagues and FAs who are committed to their communities and social responsibilities. The network works to promote the power of football as a tool for social development through a long range of programmes.

Collaborating to find new ways

We work with a wide range of researchers, universities and other partners to investigate new ways and methods. We are committed to offering our customers a safe and fair gambling experience and have set an ambition of receiving 0% of our revenue from harmful gambling by the end of 2023. To reach this ambition, it is necessary to collaborate with researchers and other relevant partners from all areas of society to develop innovative solutions to detect and prevent harmful gambling and identify new tools to help those who need support. We have gathered a library of relevant research to share the insights even more broader.

Contributing to our communities

We sponsor a variety of sports clubs and leagues through our brands which offers us a unique platform for communicating our responsible gambling message. Over the years, we have also learned that sponsors have a unique link communities, places and people, and therefore have a huge opportunity to make a difference. Through our sponsorship of Derby County, we sponsor and partner with Derby County's Community Trust on their innovative Team Talk programme, a scheme that aims to support men who are struggling with their mental health.

Supporting women in the horse racing industry

Kindred has a long-term ambition of achieving a 50/50 gender balance in our senior management team by 2023. We work towards this ambition internally, but we also look externally for insights and new ways. We are proud to sponsor Women in Racing's programme Racing Home. The purpose of this programme is to raise awareness of the challenges working mothers face when returning to work, to gather experience and insights from working mothers and to develop a piece of academic research to make recommendations to the industry.