Fair Sport 4 All: Kindred and EFDN team up to battle match-fixing

Fri, 05 Jun, 2020

At Kindred, we know that collaboration is key in the fight against match-fixing. We collaborate with a number of governing bodies, industry associations, sports clubs and authorities in sharing data and experience. Kindred are excited to launch Fair Sport 4 All, our second collaboration project with our Community Partner the European Football for Development Network (EFDN), focused on anti-match-fixing.

When we started working with EFDN, we quickly realised an overlap in our experience and knowledge with fighting match-fixing and EFDN’s reach to their member clubs across Europe. Match-fixing is not only a threat to society as a whole, but also to the fundamental idea of sport. If people lose faith in the honesty of a sports event, they will lose faith in our betting product as well. As an operator, we hold valuable learnings and data on the topic which we want to share to benefit the fight against match-fixing.

The Fair Sport 4 All programme is launched this week and will involve an online educational tool to increase awareness of match-fixing among players, managers and other stakeholders involved in sport. The online training will also include coping skills on resisting offers and temptations to engage in match-fixing, as well as references to report match-fixing to the relevant authorities. 

We spoke to Hubert Rovers, CEO of EFDN to get some more insights into the programme:

Why are you partnering with Kindred to deliver this programme?

EFDN is always looking for organisations and partners that improve the quality of our programmes. Kindred was the perfect fit for the Fair Sport 4 All programme, as you are a competent partner with extensive knowledge and experience in fighting against match-fixing. During our first cooperation with Kindred, for the ‘Active Fans’ programme, we discovered that there was a real overlap of values and beliefs between our organisations. Kindred's sustainability-driven approach for sponsorships and community initiatives fits our ambition to use sport as a tool for social change.

What value will this programme bring to your member clubs?

The programme will raise awareness of the threats of match-fixing, by educating clubs, players and all stakeholders involved in the game. All EFDN members can freely access the programme’s educational tools, developed by experts. The Fair Sport 4 All Handbook will be developed in partnership with various stakeholders and will be distributed among clubs, leagues and FAs.

Our Fair Play Code can be used by all stakeholders involved, not only players and coaches but also club officials and beneficiaries of community programmes. The Fair Play Code provides our community-engaged clubs with a tool to protect the integrity of football. Only a fair game can truly inspire fans, teach life skills and promote values of respect and social inclusion.

What are the main parts of the Fair Sport 4 All programme?

The main component of Fair Sport 4 All is our user-friendly, educational tools that can be used by all stakeholders involved in the game. The tools will help increase awareness of the different types of corruption, fraud and match-fixing, within different competitive levels of sports.

Another component of the programme will entail close cooperation with a variety of stakeholders. This aspect of the programme will support the development and creation of multiple resources. Also, it will create a basis for a common understanding of each partner’s roles and requirements, while building trust and confidence amongst the football community. 

Can you tell us a little bit more about the online course?

The online course will be developed throughout the project. The first part will be the launch of an online quiz, on the Fair Sport 4 All website. Players and professionals from the football industry can test their knowledge around match-fixing and learn more about how to identify and report potential threats. Later on in the project, we will share additional educational videos, interviews and presentations. These resources will create an all-round training and awareness course, for all interested players, agents and other clubs, leagues and FAs representatives. The online training will also provide coping skills on how to resist the temptation to engage in match-fixing as well as references and tools to report match-fixing to the relevant authorities.

Have you had any initial feedback from your member clubs?

The news about our new programme was well received. Several members expressed interest in using and supporting the development of the online course, along with educational resources, once the course is fully launched. Programmes like Fair Sport 4 All, based on collaboration and exchanging knowledge, are always interesting for us and our members.


We look forward to reporting back on how this programme develops in the coming months. In the meantime, you can read more about the programme on the dedicated website https://www.fairsport4all.eu/.