Collaborating for engagement

Collaboration is key in successfully driving change and propelling a more sustainable future. Being attentive to different perspectives and sharing knowledge are important to spur engagement and find best practice and develop coherent policies. It is at the core of our sustainability approach and permeates both short- and long-term efforts. To get the most out of different partnerships and establish a strong breeding ground for joint efforts, we cherish transparency and openness.  


Through our partnerships we can help make a difference where it matters, get exposed to new perspectives and share insights of our own. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to join forces with stakeholders inside and outside our industry – be it researchers, other operators, regulators, NGOs or affiliates.

Sustainable Gambling Conference (SGC)

Kindred have every year since 2016 hosted the Sustainable Gambling Conference. The idea behind the concept is simple: let’s connect the brightest minds across the industry to discuss how we can work together to secure a sustainable gambling industry.