Cookie policy

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer to help us provide you with the best user experience. These cookies contain information which provides anonymised tracking data to third-party applications such as Google Analytics.

Necessary, site experience

These cookies are important to the underlaying operations of the website. Supporting important functionality such as closing and opening the menu and the technical operations of the website to ensure it performs how you would expect. 

Cookie Expiry Purpose Company
.EPiForm_BID 90 days Functionality EpiServer
.EPiForm_VisitorIdentifier 90 days Functionality EpiServer
ARRAffinity  1 session Load balancing  Azure
ASP.NET_SessionId 1 session Functionality Microsoft
ShowMenu  1 session Functionality Local
TiPMix  1 session A/B testing Azure
__RequestVerificationToken 1 session Security Microsoft
__epiXSRF 1 session Security EpiServer
webcast_xxxx 1 week Functionality Local
newsinsights_xxxx 1 week Functionality Local
pressrelease_xxxx 1 week Functionality Local

Marketing, targeted advertisement

These cookies are used by third party to track and collect data to be used in advertisment. They can be used to build up asearch and/or browsing history for every visitor. Identifiable or unique data may be collected.

Cookie Expiry Purpose Company
DSID (.doubleclick.net) 10 years Targeted advertisement Google
Id (.doubleclick.net) 1 session Targeted advertisement Google

Statistics, anonymous data collection

These cookies are used to track our visitors across our website. They can be used to build up a profile of search and/or browsing history for every visitor, or to better understand how the user uses the website so that we can improve it. Identifiable or unique data may be collected. Anonymized data may be shared with third parties.

Cookie Expiry Purpose Company
ai_session 1 hour Telemetry  Azure
ai_user 1 year Telemetry  Azure
__cfduid 30 days Security  Cloudflare
_ga 2 years Statistic Google
_gid 24 hours Statistic Google
_gat 1 minute Statistic Google