When will it drop? 14 carat golden ball packed in 22.000 kilo of ice

Thu, 01 Jun, 2006 17:42 CET

Online betting company Unibet.com starts one of the most amazing actions during the World Cup. The company has packed a 14 carat golden ball (value: 75.000 Euro) in 22.000 kilo of ice! The ball can be won by betting on the time that it will take for the ball to drop out of the melting ice cube. Betting on this is 100% free.

Michael Cornelis, CMO of Unibet: “We want to show the world that betting online is fun. Of course we have all sorts of interesting bets during the World Championship against very good odds, but this is something nobody has ever done!” People that go to Unibet’s website: www.unibet.com can bet on the precise second the ball will fall. Whoever is closest, wins the ball. The betting is for free and for every bet, Unibet will donate 0,05 euro to the international foundation Breath. This foundation supports very ill children in poor Eastern European regions and helps them to give some extra ‘breath’ by all sorts of sports programmes. Michael Cornelis: “Of course is this a marketing action, a very nice one, but within our company there was the need to do more. The Breath Foundation helps a lot of young people and therefore we want to support them.” The ice cube in Berlin will be surrounded by cameras so that the melting process can be followed via Unibet.com. The melting process will start on Friday 8 June 2006. PopKick The huge ice cube will be placed in the Treptower Park in Berlin during the World Championship in Germany. At the time the park is the home of PopKick, a festival that will last one month, from 9 June to 9 July. Two big silver screens are the goals where the matches are shown. On two stages bands from all over the world will entertain the audience. Of course they’ll have the same nationality as the teams in the stadium. Other parts of the fan park will offer shows, catering and a lounge. Facts & Figures • The golden ball is hand made and a 100 % copy of a normal ball, size 5. • The ball is made of 2,5 kilo of 14 carat gold. • The ice cube is 3x3x3 meters and weights 22.000 kilo. • The ball will be packed into the ice by means of big plates that will be carefully positioned around the ball. • For safety reasons and to prevent the ball to be damaged, a copy will be packed into the ice. The winner wins the original golden ball. • The packing of the ice and the making of the unique golden football can also be seen on www.goldenfootball.net. • More info on the PopKick festival can be found on: www.popkick.de