Bulletin from Unibet Group plc’s Annual General Meeting 26 April 2005

Tue, 26 Apr, 2005 18:11 CET

The Annual General Meeting approved the proposed dividend of SEK 9.00 to be paid to owners of shares/SDRs. A VPC record date of 29 April was approved. The dividend is expected to be distributed by VPC on 4 May 2005. As Directors of the Company, Peter Lindell, Johan Lindgren, Peter Boggs, Henrik Tjärnström and Anders Ström were re-elected. As new Director of the Company Daniel Johannesson was elected. The Annual General Meeting approved that a total fee of GBP 190,000 be paid to Directors elected at the AGM, who are not employed by the Company, and that the Board of Directors will distribute the fee within the Board so that the Chairman will receive a fee of GBP 130,000 and a fee of GBP 12,000 be paid to each other Director, and an additional GBP 1,000 be paid for Committee work, and an additional GBP 2,000 be paid to the Chairman of each Committee. As members of the Nomination Committee, Anders Ström, Staffan Persson and Andreas Versteegh were elected. The Annual General Meeting approved that the Directors be granted, with immediate effect, authority for the purpose of section 80 CA 1985 to allot new ordinary shares pursuant to section 80 CA 1985 up to a maximum nominal amount of GBP 1,200 (being 60,000 shares of 2p each), and that such authority (unless previously revoked, varied or renewed) to be valid for 5 years. The Annual General Meeting approved that the Directors be empowered, pursuant to section 95 CA 1985, to allot equity securities for cash pursuant to the authority referred to above as if section 89(1) CA 1985 did not apply to such allotment, and such power to expire 5 years from today. The Annual General Meeting approved that the 50,000,000 shares of 2p each in the capital of the company be subdivided into 200,000,000 shares of 0.5p. First trading date with the subdivided SDRs will be 1 June 2005. At a statutory meeting in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting, Anders Ström was elected Chairman of the Board. As Audit committee Johan Lindgren and Henrik Tjärnström were elected. As Remuneration committee Peter Lindell and Anders Ström were elected. Board of Directors Unibet Group plc