Notification of changes in holdings - Anders Ström sells SDRs in Unibet – remains a long term main owner

Fri, 17 Feb, 2006 07:30 CET

Anders Ström has on 16 February sold 1.5 million shares in the form of Swedish Depository Receipts (”SDRs”) in Unibet Group to institutional investors in Sweden and abroad. Anders Ström’s holding in Unibet after the sale amounts to 5,603,356 SDRs equivalent to 19.9% of capital and votes in the company, which means that he remains the largest shareholder in the company. He also intends to remain as executive chairman in Unibet. - I strongly believe in the future prospects for Unibet. It is however not natural for me as a private individual to have such a large share of my private wealth in one share. As a consequence I need to diversify my investments. I am keeping 80% of my stake in Unibet and also after the sale it is my largest investment by far. At the same time, the board member Peter Lindell has sold 300,000 SDRs/shares, which is equivalent to 15.6% of his holding. After the sale, he has 1,620,864 SDRs, representing 5.8% of the total shares outstanding. Several institutions have previously enquired about the possibility of acquiring larger stakes in the company and that has been facilitated through this sale.