Unibet announces share repurchase

Fri, 11 May, 2007 08:45 CET

The Board of Unibet Group plc has decided to start exercising the buy-back mandate which was received at the Annual General Meeting on 25 April 2007.

The authority received on 25 April was regarding the buy back of GBP 0.005 Ordinary Shares/SDR´s in the Company.

The acquisition of shares/SDR´s will take place on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and will be based on market terms, prevailing regulations and the capital situation at any given time. Notification of any purchases will continuously be made to the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

The objective of the buyback is to achieve added value for the Company´s shareholders and to give the Board increased flexibility with the Company´s capital structure.

Following repurchase the intention of the Board is to either cancel, use as consideration for an acquisition or issue to employees under a Share Option programme.

Once repurchased under the Maltese Companies Act further shareholder approval will be required if the shares are to be cancelled.

If used in connection with an acquisition, the intention would be to issue the shares/SDR´s as consideration, and not to sell them first.

Board of Directors
Unibet Group plc