Unibet explores possibilities for a bond issue

Mon, 26 Nov, 2007 14:19 CET

Since its founding, Unibet Group has achieved high growth, both organically and by means of acquisition. The company is continually evaluating acquisition alternatives in alignment with its vision to increase the growth within strategic and geographic areas, and with the corporate objective to position the company as one of the three largest participants in every geographic market entered.

For some time now, the company has had discussions with a number of parties regarding strategic acquisitions and it is the Board of Directors’ opinion that one or more of these acquisitions may be realised. For the purpose of being financially prepared in connection with such acquisitions, Öhman Fondkommission has been assigned by the Board of Directors to explore the possibilities of raising capital in the bond market to a maximum volume of EUR 100 millions, in line with the company’s financial objectives.

For more information:
Inga Lundberg, Investor Relations +44 788 799 6116
Ragnar Hellenius, CFO and deputy CEO +44 784 167 3517