Unibet welcomes the final warning from the EU Commission to Sweden over gambling restrictions

Wed, 27 Jun, 2007 16:48 CET

The EU commission’s final warning against Sweden and France underlines the need for a modern and responsible attitude towards Swedish gambling.

Unibet, Sweden’s largest private gambling operator, has during the last 10 years argued for responsible regulations with equal conditions for private and state-owned gambling companies.

Today, the EU commission issued a final warning to Sweden and France about their national gambling monopolies. If there is no satisfactory reply, the cases will be referred to the European Court of Justice for breach of Article 49 of the EC Treaty, which guarantees the free movement of services.

Last week, the Swedish government made a statement, reflecting the change in its attitude towards gambling regulations. However, from the EU commission’s point of view, this may not be enough.

— We see today’s final warning from the Commission as an important step towards a new, modern gambling market. Now the Swedish government have to speed up the process. As one of Sweden’s largest private gambling operators we look forward to contributing towards a new, consistent and responsible regulation of the Swedish gambling market, says Petter Nylander, CEO Unibet.