Unibets CEO Petter Nylander under suspension of detention awaiting extradition to Paris

Wed, 24 Oct, 2007 18:06 CET

At today’s’ Court hearing, which took place at 15.00 in Amsterdam, the judge decided that Unibet’s CEO Petter Nylander should stay in detention. However he has been transferred from the detention center at Schiphol airport to a hotel in Amsterdam, where Petter Nylander will await transportation to French authorities in Paris.

Unibet’s CFO and Deputy CEO Ragnar Hellenius has been in contact with Petter Nylander who after the circumstances is doing well. Ragnar Hellenius comments:

”I am very pleased to confirm that I have spoken to Petter over the phone. He is now together with our lawyers at a hotel in Amsterdam. Under the circumstances, we had of course wanted this process to be faster and that Petter had been transferred to Paris immediately. We take for granted do hope that when Petter finally is on French soil, the judge will release him very soon without charge.
Petter is obviously very tired and the detention has not been pleasant. He is still in the good mood and wants to be released in order for him to join his family.”