Bond repurchase and exchange rates

Fri, 03 Apr, 2009 20:32 CET

During the first quarter of 2009 Unibet has continued to repurchase the bond that was issued on 21 December 2007 to finance the acquisition of Maria Holdings. During the first quarter a total of EUR 4.9 million of the EUR 100 million nominal bond have been repurchased. After these repurchases, the total outstanding nominal amount of the bond at 31 March 2009 was EUR 65.8 million.

For translation of the Group’s SEK, NOK, DKK and EUR Balance Sheet items into GBP, the following FX rates are used as per 31 March 2009:

Rate to GBP31-Dec-0831-Mar-09 Q1 Delta
SEK 11.412 11.753 3.0%
NOK 10.236 9.551 -6.7%
EUR 1.05 1.074 2.3%
DKK 7.822 8.002 2.3%