Granting and cancellation of options

Tue, 10 Mar, 2009 15:00 CET

Unibet Group plc has granted options over 180,237 shares to senior management and key employees, in accordance with the approval granted at the AGM on 29 April 2008.
Date of grant: 5 March 2009.
The exercise date on these options will be 1 - 15 June 2012
These options are issued in respect of new shares to be issued when the options are exercised. The maximum dilutive effect of this grant will correspond to 0.63 per cent.

Performance conditions related to 77,294 of the share options granted in 2008, were only partially achieved. The Board has therefore decided to cancel 57,970 of these options.
Date of cancellation: 5 March 2009

Taking into consideration previously issued options, the share capital of the company will increase by a total maximum of GBP 3,847 by the issue of a total maximum of 769,481 ordinary shares, corresponding to 2.68 per cent of the share capital after dilution.