Unibet Group becomes Kindred Group

Tue, 06 Dec, 2016 14:01 CET

Today, at an Extraordinary General Meeting in Stockholm, shareholders approved the proposed change of the name of the holding company from Unibet Group plc to Kindred Group plc. The change will improve synergy, clarity and flexibility around the Group’s multi-brand strategy. This will not affect the customer facing brands such as Unibet, Maria Casino, Bingo.com, Stan James and iGame.

The shareholders of Unibet Group plc today voted to change the name of the holding company from Unibet Group plc to Kindred Group plc.

The strategic business rationale behind this decision relates to the fact that Unibet Group is a growing and changing company that today has ten consumer facing brands in the portfolio, many of them acquired. Unibet Group has operated with a multi-brand strategy since the acquisition of Maria Casino in 2007, a strategy which is now fully adopted with the Kindred Group brand.

“Changing our group name from Unibet Group to Kindred Group marks an historic step for our company, founded almost twenty years ago. We are now in a position to move Kindred Group into the future with enhanced clarity and flexibility, creating better conditions for future growth in a dynamic and changing business environment”, says Anders Ström, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unibet Group.

“As Kindred we can create a greater distinction between our consumer facing brands and the group brand, providing us with the necessary strategic flexibility to ensure we remain at the very forefront of our industry. As a group we have played an important part in driving the industry forward, and we intend to continue to do so in the future”, says Henrik Tjärnström, CEO of Unibet Group.

The chosen name is based on an extensive analysis of the Group culture and identity. If you look up the word kindred in the dictionary, you will find that it refers to a relationship between people with similar beliefs, values and attitudes. The Unibet Group are proud of their strong culture and great people, and this proposed name truly describes the people of the Group.

For more information:

Alexander Westrell, Group Head of Communications
+46 73 707 1686

Inga Lundberg, Investor Relations         
+44 788 799 6116

About Unibet Group            

Unibet Group is one of Europe’s largest listed online gambling operators and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Unibet Group provides services in 20 languages to over 15.8 million customers in over 100 countries through several subsidiaries and brands. Unibet Group is a member of the EGBA, European Gaming and Betting Association, RGA, Remote Gambling Association in the UK and is audited and certified by eCOGRA in relation to the pan-European CEN standard on consumer protection and responsible gaming.

More information about Unibet Group plc can be found on www.unibetgroupplc.com and twitter.com/UnibetGroup.


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