Kindred Group calls for swift processing of Swedish gambling reform

Fri, 31 Mar, 2017 12:13 CET

The Swedish Governments ‘Gambling License Enquiry’ today presented its proposal to re-regulate Sweden’s online gambling market. The proposal establishes necessary conditions within which operators can seek a Swedish license. The proposal also sets a goal that at least 9 out of 10 players are choosing to play with Swedish licenced operators. The political process must be accelerated if this reform is to become reality. 

"We welcome the political consensus on the need for a modern gambling legislation, and the commitment that a new law will be in place before the next general election. For re-regulation to be successful there is no room for major changes in the investigator's proposal. Delays will endanger the whole reform, "says Peter Alling, Head of Public Affairs Nordics at Kindred Group (formerly Unibet Group).

Government investigator, Mr. Håkan Hallstedt, proposes a Swedish gambling market in three parts, with commercial gambling operators getting the opportunity to obtain licenses to provide betting, online casino and online bingo. The investigator sets a target of (at least) 90 percent of Swedish customers choosing to play with online gambling companies within the Swedish licensing system (a process known as channelisation). High channelisation makes the system trustworthy and enables the Swedish regulatory authorities to ensure games offered in Sweden take place in a safe and secure environment.

"We know that any attempt to regulate prices, limit the choice of games, or charge high taxes will have a negative effect on channelisation," says Peter Alling.

With a channelisation goal of at least 90 percent, but preferably 95 percent, the licensing system will be credible and efficient on responsibility measures, including the proposed system for individual voluntary suspension from all gambling companies. In order to achieve that level, as many companies as possible must apply for a license in Sweden, and for that to happen there can be no uncertainties.

For more information:

Peter Alling, Head of Public Affairs Nordic, 0722-50 52 87, peter.alling@kindredgroup.com

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