Kindred Group plc publishes 2017 Annual Report and Sustainability Report

Mon, 12 Mar, 2018 17:10 CET

Kindred Group (previously Unibet Group) has now released its 2017 Annual Report and its first Sustainability report.

Kindred Group plc’s Annual Report for 2017 is now available on the Group’s website www.kindredgroup.com.

According to EU Directive 2014/95/EU and as part of a continuously increased focus on the Group’s sustainability work, Kindred has this year published its first stand-alone Sustainability Report, which can also be found on www.kindredgroup.com.

Driving long-term, sustainable growth is central to Kindred’s overall business purpose. The report aims to articulate how Kindred operates a sustainable business. The work builds on the Group’s corporate values, Group purpose and the Group strategy. In this first stand-alone Sustainability Report, which follows the GRI Standards reporting, you will find a detailed overview of the Group’s five priority themes and 2018 commitments.

As previously announced, Kindred Group plc’s Annual General Meeting will be held on 15 May 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden.

This information is such that Kindred Group plc is required to disclose under the EU Directive of Market Abuse Regulation.

For more information:

Inga Lundberg, Investor Relations Manager

+44 788 799 6116


Anna Jein, Sustainability Manager

+45 5373 7030


About Kindred Group

Kindred Group is one of the world’s leading online gambling operators with business across Europe and Australia, offering over 21 million customers across 11 brands a great form of entertainment in a safe, fair and sustainable environment. The company, which employs about 1,400 people, is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap and is a member of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) and founding member of ESSA (sports betting integrity). Kindred Group is audited and certified by eCOGRA for compliance with the 2014 EU Recommendation on Consumer Protection and Responsible Gambling (2014/478/EU). Read more on www.kindredgroup.com.


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