Amendment to notice ahead of AGM

Tue, 20 Apr, 2021 18:00 CET

Kindred Group plc issues an amendment under point 24 in the AGM Notice relating to a proposed mandate for acquisition of own shares.

Amended point 24

The meeting will be requested to consider and if thought fit, approve, by extraordinary resolution, the following further resolution: it being noted that

(c) the maximum price that may be paid for the shares/SDR’s is 300 SEK per share/SDR’s exclusive of tax;   

Due to an administrative mistake the notice distributed on 9 April 2021 stated that the maximum price that may be paid for shares/SDR’s is 200 SEK per share/SDR’s exclusive of tax. The Board of Directors did propose prior to the notice being distributed that the maximum price be set at 300 SEK.

Information about the AGM agenda and proposals can be found on www.kindredgroup.com/about/corporate-governance/agm-2021.

For more information:
Johan Wilsby, Chief Financial Officer at Kindred Group

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