Kindred extends funding to Women in Racing and the support of women in the horseracing industry

Mon, 20 Dec, 2021 10:45 CET

Kindred Group extends its funding of the ‘Racing Home’ project. The funding will enable the Women in Racing organisation to implement a range of measures to ensure that the horseracing industry is able to better support its participants in planning and raising a family, and thereby contributing to a sustainable development of the industry.

Kindred Group plc (Kindred) partnered with Women in Racing in 2020, to raise awareness of some of the challenges working mothers face within the horseracing industry. Kindred sponsored the ‘Racing Home’ programme, which was delivered in collaboration with Simply Racing and Oxford Brookes University. The programme resulted in the report ‘Racing Home, Working Mothers in the Horseracing Industry’. With continued support for 2022  from Kindred and the Racing Foundation, Women in Racing will now implement the practical and educational changes, based on recommendations from the report. This includes developing and digitising a transparent ‘Racing Home’ portal (website), supporting pregnant women in their journey back onto a horse and coaching younger generations on equal opportunities.

“We are delighted to be able to support the important work Women in Racing are doing to benefit women in the horseracing industry,” says Ed Nicholson, Head of Kindred Racing Communications and Sponsorship. “At Kindred, we strongly believe that a diverse workforce enhances our performance, and we focus on improving our diversity across the Group. We know that Women in Racing are instrumental to raising the awareness of diversity in the racing industry and we are pleased to be able to support the delivery of concrete actions to enhance the wellbeing of the industry,” Nicholson concludes.

“Women in Racing is incredibly grateful for the continued support Kindred Group provides for the Racing Home project,” says Tallulah Lewis, Women in Racing Chair. “The team at Kindred have supported us since the inception of Racing Home and pushed us to keep going with our work. We are very excited for this next phase. We look forward to implementing the findings from the research and continuing to work with Kindred Group to make horseracing a more sustainable environment for working mothers and parents.”

For more information:

Maria Angell Dupont, External Communications Manager, Kindred Group

+46 72 165 15 17


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