Nomination Committee ahead of Kindred’s 2023 Annual General Meeting

Tue, 27 Sep, 2022 09:50 CET

The members of the Nomination Committee ahead of Kindred’s Annual General Meeting 2023 have been appointed.

Kindred Group plc’s (Kindred) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 13 May 2022 decided that the Nomination Committee, until the general meeting of the shareholders decides otherwise, shall consist of not less than four but no more than five members. The members of the Nomination Committee shall represent all shareholders and be appointed by the largest shareholders at the end of August 2022 having expressed their willingness to participate in the Nomination Committee. Following contacts with Kindred’s shareholders the subsequent members have been appointed:

  • Keith Meister, Chairman Nomination Committee, Corvex Management LP
  • Cedric Boireau, Premier Investissement SAS
  • Peter Lundkvist, Third Swedish National Pension Fund
  • Anders Ström, Veralda Investment Ltd

Kindred’s Chairman of the Board, Evert Carlsson, is co-opted to the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee’s duty is to ahead of the 2023 AGM prepare recommendations for the Chairperson of the AGM, Chairperson of the Board of Directors and members of the Board, as well as remuneration to the Board of Directors and auditors.

Shareholders who wish to provide proposals to the Nomination Committee can do this via email to nomination@kindredgroup.com, or via post to Kindred Group plc, Level 6, The Centre, Tigne Point, Sliema, TPO 0001 Malta.

For more information:
Patrick Kortman, Director - Corporate Development & Investor Relations, +46 723 877 438
Linda Lyth, Investor Relations Manager, +46 767 681 337

About Kindred Group
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