230 transactions per second…

Mon, 05 Dec, 2016

More business than you ever though possible

By Marcus Smedman, Unibet Group CTO

Sometimes when I explain what we do in tech, and what the Kindred Group Platform is all about, I compare it with a stock exchange. We serve millions of users who trust us with managing their money, we offer hundreds of different products, dozens of different payment solutions, all in a strictly audited environment.

We present our offering in more than 100 countries, in 25+ languages, on several brands, and we are compliant with local regulations in 10 jurisdictions (+3 international licenses).

Unlike the stock exchange, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Another comparison with a stock exchange that could be of interest, is the amount of financial transactions we actually handle each day. A financial transaction in our platform is any operation on a customer’s monetary account - i.e. his/her “wallet” - e.g. money is credited or debited to/from the customer account or just converted from bonus money to cash or the other way around.

For example, in April 2015, Nasdaq Stockholm had an average of 260,477 trades per day*. (*newsclient.omxgroup.com) The same month Unibet Group averaged more than 12,000,000 (12 million) financial transactions per day (i.e. 45 times more).

In December 2015 we had an all-time high of 16 million transactions in a single day, and in March 2016 19.8 million transactions in a single day, averaging 230 transactions per second. This can be compared with 10 million transactions on World Cup final day in July 2014.

With the increasingly high number of actives continuously generating billions of monetary transactions over a year, it is obviously very important to keep the sites available at all times. “Planned downtime” is about shutting down parts (or all) of out tech platform to perform maintenance or upgrades to hardware or software.

Needless to say - downtimes of the sites makes a huge impact on the customer experience as well as on the revenue stream, so we always strive for designing and building our platform to be upgradeable and maintainable without affecting our customers.

In 2015 we had 0 (zero) hours planned downtime (down from 17h in 2014), and in the same period we did more than 1200 releases of functionality to our production environment. In 2016 the trend so far point towards 2000+ releases.

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