Kindred Futures partnership with Commologic comes to a close

Tue, 20 Jun, 2017

Kindred Future’s partnership with Commologic, the creators of the pool betting game BetUp, has unfortunately ended. The BetUp game offered fast-paced, fun, and intuitive in-play betting formats.

Players were required to answer instant questions in sports matches and if correct, they gained points which counted towards their total score in a pool competition against other players. The game was an innovative, entertaining but softer sports product, that could educate novice gamblers to in-play markets, and provide an alternative for more seasoned gamers.

Launching in February last year, and then expanded with the BetUp Instant product in October, BetUp was initially a free-to-play game to provide feedback and data on the user experience. Transferring to real-money gaming, it attracted over 12,000 unique players during the Euro 2016 tournament, however unfortunately failed to maintain these levels during the 2016/17 football season. This lack of player numbers ultimately impacted the amount of investment Commologic could raise, and they decided to shut down BetUp.  

Despite providing a front-page profile, a dedicated app and leveraging our marketing department to promote the games, unfortunately the format didn’t have the longevity with players that we or Commologic were anticipating. However, while not ending as either party would have hoped, there is still a lot to take from the experience. Whether sports, casino or lottery products, the betting industry is renowned for being difficult to break into, and not all startups or new game formats will be a success. This experience has expanded our thoughts on the support that we can offer to partners – whether in business guidance, monetary spend or others.  

We wish Commologic all the best for the future.