The Future of Sports Data? A Mixed Reality exploration with Zappar

Wed, 13 Dec, 2017

By Michael Franklin

Zappar's Mixed Reality technology puts the user at the heart of the data.

One parallel, but intrinsically linked, field with the gambling industry is that of sports data. How consumers access and interact with sports data can enrich their viewing experience, but also drive their betting decisions.

Together with Zappar, the team which utilise Mixed Reality (MR) technology through its cutting-edge, smartphone-enabled ZapBox, we’ve looked at how this emerging technology will change the way consumers interact with sporting data. We’re exploring the way sports are watched and data is consumed by building prototypes based on high profile sporting matches such as the 2017 Champions League final and T20 cricket between South Africa and England.

Where viewers are currently at the whim of broadcasters or have to trawl through tables of data to help make their sporting decisions, Zappar’s MR technology gives users control in an immersive experience where they can explore the team’s players, with insights into their goals, shots or runs – putting the user at the heart of the data. The two demos, powered by data from Opta, look to give an insight into what the future holds for interacting with sports data, with the user interacting with an extra layer of information on top of reality.

Zappar’s ZapBox – launched 2016 – was the first of its kind, allowing users to engage with mixed reality through their smartphones, for just $30. This increased affordability will allow mixed reality to be available to everyone for the first time since its creation. Kindred Futures pledged the highest level during Zappar’s successful 2016 Kickstarter campaign that raised $84,356 from 1,854 backers.

As a nascent technology, but one that has drawn interest from tech giants and the startup world alike, mixed and augmented reality is likely to alter how we interact with the world around us and enrich current experiences. The gambling sector won’t be immune to these impacts and how customers sporting experiences change, will undoubtedly impact how they gamble as well. By undertaking explorations with the likes of Zappar, we hope to position Kindred at the forefront of these changes.