Maintaining Sustainable Customer Relations in a Digital World

Wed, 21 Nov, 2018

From Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s TouchID and Barclay’s voice authentication to a whole new range of augmented reality tools, the digital world is an exciting one. But it’s important to remember that such innovative experiences are still as much about understanding human needs and responses as they are about technology.

At Kindred, we recognise the challenges of maintaining sustainable customer relations in a digital world by both understanding basic human needs but also how technology is changing customer expectations, and how it is influencing the future of customer experience across four specific dimensions:

  1. The need for speed – In our fast-paced world, it’s unsurprising that people hate to wait. Customers are driven by simplicity, speed and automation in everything they do, and they ideally want it all in real time. Our gambling services need to be easy to access anytime, anywhere. And with real time now a must, impatience is and will be a main factor in our customer relationships. Our ability to meet our customer’s need for speed is and will create a competitive advantage.
  1. The self-service generation – These days most people prefer to help themselves. This doesn’t mean that they no longer want to call and talk to a real person, but it does mean that through clever use of self-service tactics, help centres can save time and money. Kindred customer service experience strategy is about delivering a consistent service as consumers move between channels and reduce channel switching by offering a simple, intuitive and guided self-service experience.
  1. Personalised experiences –  The whole online experience is now personalized – from social media to the way Google personalizes our search results. Today’s technology affords the opportunity to bring personalisation even further. But technology aside, customer minded employees remain the most powerful force companies have for personalising the customer experience.
  1. Trust and loyalty – For years, consumers have trusted companies to safeguard their personal data. But those days are over. To keep gaining customer trust, Kindred elevates trust to the highest level of the organization and creates a culture of transparency while keeping customers at the centre. Once customers know they can trust us, loyalty follows.

In this blog series, I will dive into these four topics and share more details on how Kindred approach sustainable customer relations in a digital world.


  • Christophe Dhaisne
    Head of Customer Experience