One Kindred Team in a World Cup of Opportunities

Fri, 20 Jul, 2018

There are many great things about football World Cup tournaments. The opportunity to see some of the greatest footballing talents in the world go head to head, the prospect of super exciting matches, the surge in debate and interest in the sport. But they also offer another great opportunity. The opportunity to celebrate diversity, friendly competition, fair play and hard work.

With 54 nationalities spread across 11 offices, Kindred bears a close resemblance to the World Cup in these stakes (going well beyond just the number of nations represented). We actively seek out and encourage diversity, bringing together star player individuals to work together as a team to reach the goals we set out. We celebrate honesty, integrity, hard work and most importantly, we cheer and celebrate our victories together. It is this World Cup ethos that sets the foundation for Kindred being such a Great Place to Work, something we continue to work hard to achieve. 

At Kindred, we always aim high to provide the best experience for our players. We seek to be at the forefront of innovation. Before the World Cup, we launched the Unibet Chatbot. Our innovation arm, Kindred Futures, developed the Facebook Messenger Chatbot with our partners at Artificial Intelligence. During the test period, hundreds of customers have sent thousands of messages for a quick and smooth costumer experience. As is true for many of our customers, we are very passionate about sports and we love a good game. Sport remains a huge part of our identity, and we are committed to continue to provide a fun environment for our employees and our customers.  

Kindred is a tech-driven company. In 2017, we peaked at 30m transactions per day, which is more than the New York Stock Exchange. We have invested heavily in our technology platform, to meet the challenges of rapid change and growing demand. This year’s World Cup presented some nerve-wracking matches from start to finish. Take Spain vs. Portugal, Germany vs. Sweden, or France vs. Argentina, all three almost painfully entertaining. I bet we smashed our 30m record! World Cup 2018 has left us in a great position to continue our rise through the ranks in becoming the number operator in our markets.  

During the World Cup, we have worked throughout every single match. But at Kindred, we work and play hard. Throughout these five weeks, we have had a lot of fun. Not a match went by without the national anthems being performed, right here in our Kindred offices. From Russia, to Brazil and France; we had teams proudly cheering and supporting their countries. But even during the World Cup, we are One Kindred Team.

We are always looking for new talented players to join our winning team. The transfer window is open, so check out the opportunities to become part of our community of diverse, daring, innovative, friendly and high performing individuals here


  • Rhodri Darch
    Interim Chief Commercial Officer & Chief Strategy Officer