How can the online gambling industry build more relevance in society?

Tue, 24 Sep, 2019

On October 8, Kindred again invites you to the Sustainable Gambling Conference, this year in Copenhagen. We look forward to a day packed with 10 presentations and two panels with speakers with a broad range of expertise within and outside the gambling industry.

How can the online gambling industry build more relevance in society? This question will be discussed with stakeholders from across the gambling industry when Kindred hosts the fourth annual Sustainable Gambling Conference on October 8th in Copenhagen. The aim with the Sustainable Gambling Conference is to connect people from across the industry to discuss how we can secure a sustainable gambling industry long term. The conference has developed since 2016 and last year more than 250 people gathered in Stockholm. The theme of the day was how the industry can facilitate collaboration across the industry to improve and to ensure a sustainable industry. Since then, Kindred has pursued key learnings from the day and have worked actively to identify new partnerships and collaborations.

Kindred Group’s commitment to communities

As one of the largest operators in the world, Kindred is committed to offering our customers a safe and fair gambling environment while at the same time contributing to our local communities. Our success is built on long-term sustainable relationships with our stakeholders and we are committed to be an active part of society by contributing where we can and doing all that is possible to promote responsible gambling and to help and support those who develop gambling problems. This includes engaging in dialogues with relevant partners and stakeholders from all areas of society in order to develop innovative solutions to detect and prevent problem gambling and new control tools to help those who need support. It also means entering partnerships across the industry and identifying key partners who can help us deliver on our promise.

Since the conference last year, Kindred has focused on identifying new collaborations and sponsorships where the Group can add value. This year, we have launched 8 new projects where we contribute with knowledge and resource to areas where our experience and resource can make a positive difference. Some of these projects will be outlined here in the coming weeks, and you can also meet some of our partners at the Sustainable Gambling Conference 2019 in Copenhagen.

Sustainable Gambling Conference 2019

The theme for the 2019 edition is “Building relevance” - narrowing in at how the industry can build more relevance in society. We will discuss how the online gambling industry can improve their relevance and add value in the wider community as well as in harm minimization through sustainable partnerships, communications and marketing.

On the day, we will hear from a broad range of stakeholders. Professor Mark Griffiths will deliver a key note on Gambling and Advertising, regulators from across Europe will join in a panel discussion to talk about future expectations towards the industry, Derby County Community Trust will participate to present insights into their innovative Team Talk programme, and the CEO from European Football Development Network (EFDN) will present how EFDN work with football clubs to do good in local communities. These are just a few of the many interesting speakers, you can see the full programme here.

We look forward to further discuss and explore how the industry can create value to local communities and build relevance in society and in harm minimization.

We hope to see you on the 8th of October in October. You can register for free here.


  • Anna Jein
    Sustainability Manager