Kindred sponsors Jfokus – reflecting our status as a great, tech-driven place to work

Fri, 01 Feb, 2019

As Sweden’s largest developers’ conference, Jfokus is of course where you will find Kindred on 4-6th February 2019, along with some 1,700 other employees from the world of tech. Here’s what to expect.

Always eager to find out the latest happenings in the tech development arena, we will be making the most of the over 70 expert speakers who’ll be delivering more than 80 talks during the two-day conference. Around 50 of our staff plan to join various sessions on Java; Kotlin for Android development; Frontend & Web; Continuous Delivery & DevOps and more.

This is the most popular developers conference for our techies here in Stockholm. Once again, Kindred is not only attending, we are platinum sponsors, proudly featuring our own booth as we go “all in” in our support of such a prestigious and worthwhile event. Keep an eye for the Kindred flag!

The Kindred booth

At the booth, you will be able to view videos of what it’s like working at Kindred and images of our new Stockholm office at Urban Escape. Our move is planned for Spring 2019 and we can’t wait to get settled within the state-of-the-art environment above Gallerian in Stockholm, only adding to Kindred’s appeal as a Great Place to Work.

It’s also a good opportunity to check out our RoachCube cluster demo that we built with six Raspberry Pis using a custom-built Gentoo-64 OS and a TCXO based hardware/GPS clock. We also run a geo-distributed database called CockroachDB on five of the Pis to power a high-performance banking service, which is particularly resilient to datacenter-level outages.

Ever wondered what happens if you shut down a data center or two, or even three? We will be there to discuss interesting topics and answer any questions you might have. We believe our demo goes to show that we really are a tech-driven company that stands out from the rest, not only within our industry, but beyond.

At the booth we also offer the chance for you to explore Kindred’s company values and participate in a quiz to win branded headphones!

A Great Place to Work

Not only do we thrive on technical innovation, Kindred is also famed in the gambling industry as a Great Place to Work. We care deeply about the wellbeing of our people, so much so that we conduct a yearly in-depth survey (in addition to bi-monthly snapshots) amongst all our global employees to define and share feedback on what exactly makes us a great company to work for. We truly believe that our success depends on attracting and keeping the best talent in the form of people who recognize the importance of being a part of a winning team. At the booth, we will be happy to discuss our company’s culture in greater depth, as well as highlighting the many tech opportunities we have in Stockholm and Kindred Group beyond.

Kindred’s tech environment started early with Agile development in 2007 and event-driven micro services architecture (now we operate some 200+ micro services.) Our tech teams delivered more than 7,100 releases last year with a full audit trail compliant in all the regulated markets we operate in. The Kindred tech platform handles 6+ billion transactions per year (more than PayPal).


  • Urban Andersson
    Tech Relations Specialist