Kindred represented on iGaming Business' Most Influential Women 2019 List

Thu, 28 Nov, 2019

We are incredibly proud to announce that this year, two of our leaders made the iGaming Business Most Influential Women List. Britt Boeskov, Chief Experience Officer, and Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gambling and Research were both recognised for their contribution to Kindred and the wider industry. We asked Britt and Maris about the recognition and their thoughts on women in leadership.

When asked what being on the list means to them, both Britt and Maris were deeply honoured to be recognised alongside our industry’s most accomplished women. ‘It helps raise awareness about diversity and possibilities within our industry’, says Britt. This type of recognition also shows Kindred’s commitment to Responsible Gambling, according to Maris.

Despite having numerous role models during their careers, neither Britt nor Maris seems to think of themselves as one. They both often looked up to family members, supporting managers and colleagues for inspiration. Both agree that without their support, they wouldn’t be where they are now.

Being a Woman in the Gambling Industry

It’s a well-known fact that there are fewer women at the top levels of business, especially in igaming industry. According to Britt, there are many reasons for this, but she thinks that ‘many women still doubt their ability to progress in their career in an authentic way, whilst staying true to their values. I strongly believe this must change – being a leader is a great experience!’ Maris thinks there are different life factors that modern day women are faced with, which contribute to a lower number of women in leadership positions but says that number is now improving.

Maris thinks she made the iGaming Most Influential Women List due to her love for academic research. Her loud voice when it comes to sharing her vision on Responsible Gambling has echoed through the gambling industry and is now well-recognised. To Maris, her runner-up position on the list demonstrates the importance Kindred places on Responsible Gambling and gives her the opportunity to make change not only within the industry, but also to people’s lives.

Britt hopes it’s her ability to strive for success and a steep but quick rise on the career ladder that landed her the position. She was able to learn and grow into the leader she is today and continues to enjoy the challenges that our industry has to offer.

Both leaders agree that Kindred goes above and beyond when it comes to diversity and inclusion. ‘It’s engraved in our values rather than being a bolt-on initiative and it’s the right way to do things’ says Britt. Kindred still has work to do to increase our percentage of female leaders, but we address that through training, mentoring and raising awareness among our managers.

Looking into the Future

We finished the sit-down with a question:

What advice would you give to young women, aspiring to be in the same position one day?  

Britt says: Believe in your ability to grow: Say yes to opportunities even if they are challenging. Ask for help and support and trust that your worth is unique. You will be most successful in a place where you’re allowed to be yourself.

Maris says:  My advice would be to never give up, strive for what you believe in and stay humble.

Kindred Group has a stated ambition to have a 50/50 gender split across its senior management team by 2023. Read more about our sustainability commitments.