The Importance of Personalised Online Gambling Experiences

Tue, 22 Jan, 2019

From social media interactions to personalised Google search results, our data-driven online world means that customers expect to feel recognised and remembered. Personalised engagement is psychologically powerful and it goes a long way to encouraging our customers to stay playing with us.

On one hand, consumers require minimal personal interaction but on the other hand, they want us to know them well enough to deliver relevant experiences that keep them engaged. Big data-enabled algorithms help us to track and analyse patterns in behaviour which creates the experiences that customers really want.

Big data is king

Big data in the form of behavioural, demographic and contextual data gives us crucial information to tailor messages for specific audiences, be it casino, poker or bingo players, or sportsbook betters. It also helps us to adapt to changes in individual habits, user journeys and expectations; information that’s vital to be aware of if we are to keep customers engaged.

With these unique needs and preferences clearly identified, customer support departments are empowered to deliver the kind of personalised experiences that customers want. Demographic data is often taken into account, for example: most younger slots and roulette players belong to a high thrill-seeking demographic that’s drawn to themed games with high stakes along with high rewards or jackpots.

Odds prediction

Data analysis helps us build gaming profiles relating to tournaments and high-stakes games like poker as well as in other online tournaments. It enables us to provide potential players with a realistic evaluation of how well they might do, establishing realistic odds and levelling the playing field for sportsbook.

Game development

Games developers use big data when creating new offerings: Information on how long they are played for and how often means that game designers can assess what aspects of games keep players playing.

It’s widely noted that online casino players tend to be drawn to certain games in certain patterns over their gaming careers. Big data and analysis highlight these patterns, for example: online slots developers can evaluate whether video and audio content, or themed games work better than others.

Responsible gambling tools

Voluntary, self-imposed session and deposit limits are yet more personalised features that keep our customers safe and fully aware of their playing habits. Many cease play as a consequence of a personalised pop-up message letting them know that they are reaching their limit.

But technology aside, it is important to stress that today, as in all eras, customer minded employees are the most powerful force companies have for personalising the customer experience. Kindred aims to deliver personalised experiences that are both human- and digital- driven.

If our use of Big Data enabled algorithms and predictive analytics allows us to dynamically present recommendations and experiences at the individual “one-to-one” level, on the human side, Kindred deploys a lot of efforts to empower our customer facing staff which gives our customer service agents greater control to deliver experiences that feels personal to our customers.


  • Christophe Dhaisne
    Head of Customer Experience