The Importance of Trust, Integrity and Player Safety in Online Gambling

Wed, 13 Feb, 2019

Performing digital transactions at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a card while parting with personal and banking information still gives rise to trust issues. Most customers only share information if it’s done in a secure environment with the guarantee that their data won’t be sold or shared.

For years, they have trusted companies to safeguard that information. But those days are over! Consumers are now increasingly placing conditions upon their willingness to share information.

Most consumers will only share information if they know it won’t be sold or shared, and if they can be guaranteed that data protection safeguards are in place. Their concerns are legitimate as major data breaches are occurring regularly, affecting millions of consumers.

The digital world has also dramatically increased the quantity of data that companies and customers now share. With a few clicks, consumers can determine if their providers’ promises are credible, if their work practices are ethical, or if their product information is accurate. Companies that fail to provide full transparency will see their customers’ trust erode.

As award-winning responsible gaming operators, Kindred Group is intent on being recognised as world leaders in trust, integrity and player safety. This applies to customers, policy makers, regulators, investors, partners, employees and to the public.

Trust from our customers is vital to retaining them across all brands and in all markets. They need to know that their funds and data are safe with us, that our products are reliable and that we live up to or even exceed regulatory standards.

Why be leaders in trust, integrity and player safety?

These attributes are not only fundamental to our ethos of safe and secure online operations, they are key to our survival in the competitive world of online gambling. We continue to invest in innovative digital solutions to establish ourselves as the most trustworthy operators, so that customers choose our brands because we deliver a fair deal.

Responsible gambling (RG) is important for our long-term growth and sustainability. That’s why we practice internal collaboration and knowledge sharing that keep the safety of our customers foremost at all times.

In one initiative, the RG team worked alongside our marketing team to develop Unibet’s “Bet & Breakfast” campaign to help to deliver the right Responsible Gambling message at all times. We featured our own in-house experts throughout the series to encourage participants to make safer, more informed sportsbook betting choices – view our series of videos here.

A trustworthy public persona

It’s important to stand out from the crowd; this means being noticed for adopting all the latest gambling industry regulations and standards. It’s also an opportunity to delight our customers with solutions, choices and transparency that they won’t get with our competitors.

On a broader, stakeholder level, we believe in driving initiatives that focus on research and collaboration in a bid to raise industry standards. Trust, player safety and integrity were once believed to go against the business in terms of commercial advantages and marketing activities, but this is not so anymore: we regard them as perfect platforms on which to collaborate with policy makers, thereby gaining the public’s trust for being leading providers of the compliant, responsible services we all want.

We also continue to be active contributors to society through a targeted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Through CSR initiatives such as our employee entitlement to an annual three days leave to help with charitable or environmental organisations, we like to take responsibility for our impact on society, which in turn builds trust and awareness. In keeping with the views of the European Commission, we believe that CSR is important for sustainability, competitiveness and innovation.


  • Christophe Dhaisne
    Head of Customer Experience